Bebe Rexha – Baby, I’m Jealous (ft. Doja Cat) [Official Music Video]

Bebe Rexha – Baby, I’m Jealous (ft. Doja Cat) [Official Music Video]
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2020/10/12(Mon)に南アフリカ(South Africa)でランキング1位。世界11ヶ国で人気のミュージックビデオ『Bebe Rexha – Baby, I’m Jealous (ft. Doja Cat) [Official Music Video]』を紹介します。

Bebe Rexha – Baby, I’m Jealous (ft. Doja Cat) [Official Music Video]

Listen to “Baby, I’m Jealous (ft. Doja Cat)”: https://BebeRexha.lnk.to/BabyImJealous

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Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Special thanks to: Charli D’Amelio, Avani Gregg & Nikita Dragun

Went from beautiful to ugly
Cuz insecurity told me you don’t love me All it takes is a girl above me
On your timeline to make me nothing

This is me
A woman in dichotomy
I love me
Until I don’t

Baby I’m jealous
Of the pictures that you like
Baby I’m jealous
Of the girls with lighter eyes
Baby I’m jealous


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