BwC S5E6 – Bhuvneshwar Kumar

BwC S5E6 – Bhuvneshwar Kumar

2018/06/10(Sun)にインド(India)でランキング1位のスポーツ動画『BwC S5E6 – Bhuvneshwar Kumar』を紹介します。

BwC S5E6 – Bhuvneshwar Kumar

In another episode of #BreakfastWithChampions, we have the not so shy Bhuvenshwar Kumar

While Meerut was busy producing bats for all the greats of India, the champion Bhuvi rose to terrorize the best of the best with the ball.

Today Bhuvi tell us about the time he dismissed Sachin Tendulkar for zero, the story of marrying his childhood sweetheart, the origins of the ‘swing’meister and his wife’s love for Marvel films.

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