She tried to save his life

She tried to save his life
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2024/01/10(Wed)に南アフリカ(South Africa)でランキング1位。世界4ヶ国で人気のスポーツ動画『She tried to save his life 』を紹介します。

She tried to save his life

This girl smacked a cigarette out of a soccer player’s hand, and the reason will shock you! He angrily threw the girl’s ice cream on the ground, STOMPING ON IT! His teammate calmed him down, and the girl tried to warn him, but they resumed playing as she was deaf and he could not understand. The girl threw rocks at the man and held up a sign saying ‘you cannot play!’ but he ripped it up! She even threw water on him! But he didn’t listen to her so when the ball rolled over, SHE POPPED IT! The men called security to remove her. In a final attempt to warn the security guard, she wrote the words, ‘He cannot play!’ At this moment, the man suddenly dropped to the ground and stopped breathing! The girl quickly ran over, laying beneath him to act as a support, enabling him to breathe again! It turned out the girl had seen him coughing up blood earlier that day while selling her ice cream. She knew that smoking was killing him and he needed to stop. He thanked the girl for saving his life, and if she did the right thi

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