My Poisonous Pet Needs A Name!

My Poisonous Pet Needs A Name!
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2024/01/04(Thu)に世界9ヶ国で人気の動画『My Poisonous Pet Needs A Name!』を紹介します。

My Poisonous Pet Needs A Name!

This is my pet Eastern Tiger Salamander. He looks a lot like one of the biggest Amphibians in the world, a River Dragon but he is actually just sitting closer to the camera then I am to create an illusion he is a HUGE salamander to get a better look at him. We Need your help naming him! I have had him for a few years and still haven’t named him, You guys named my pet Dumpy the Frog and now you can leave a comment and the one with the most likes will be these salamander’s name.

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